February  2, 2024 |Taipei, Taiwan

National Resilience and Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation Announce Groundbreaking Partnership in Biomanufacturing Innovation

National Resilience, Inc. (Resilience), a technology-focused biomanufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines, and Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation (TBMC), proudly announce a groundbreaking joint venture which aims to transform the biomanufacturing industry. This collaboration addresses the growing need for technology-enabled, end-to-end solutions for complex medicines.

In recent years, the biomedical industry has made incredible strides in developing increasingly complex medicines. However, large-scale biomanufacturing processes have struggled to keep pace with the ability to produce these new, complex therapies. Recognizing this gap, Resilience and TBMC will join forces to provide an effective path forward for the efficient production of next-generation treatments.

TBMC aims to transform biomanufacturing by combining the technological capabilities of Resilience with Taiwan’s renowned expertise in automation, excellence in digital manufacturing and highly skilled life sciences workforce. This joint venture focuses on developing modern technology-enabled manufacturing solutions tailored for advanced therapeutic modalities including biologics, vaccines, nucleic acids, cell therapy, and gene therapy.

As part of the collaboration, Resilience will license certain manufacturing technology platforms in all five of its therapeutic modalities to TBMC and will provide invaluable support in designing and constructing cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities and process development laboratories for the joint venture. In return, Resilience becomes an equity shareholder of TBMC, fostering a close partnership to develop advanced manufacturing technologies for complex modalities and drive innovation in the industry.

Chien-Jen Chen, Taiwan’s Prime Minister, expressed his congratulations on the collaboration: “We view TBMC as a strategic initiative that aligns with our commitment to fostering innovation in the biomanufacturing industry. Together with Resilience, Taiwan will be able to make significant contributions to healthcare advancements worldwide.”

TBMC is the result of an initiative propelled by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. Mei-Hua Wang, Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs, said, “The Taiwan government is excited to support the establishment of TBMC in collaboration with Resilience. This innovative joint venture builds upon Taiwan’s tradition of excellence in technology and manufacturing, further solidifying our position in the life sciences sector.”

“We are thrilled to partner with TBMC in this groundbreaking venture to bring cutting-edge therapies to patients globally,” said Rahul Singhvi, ScD., Chief Executive Officer of Resilience. “This strategic collaboration is another exciting step forward in ensuring that the United States will gain critical capabilities to further bolster its leadership in biomanufacturing.”

“Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation is proud to join hands with Resilience to address the pressing need for advanced biomanufacturing solutions. Together, we aspire to pioneer technology-enabled, end-to-end manufacturing processes that will accelerate the development of complex medicines,” said Michel Chu, Chairman and acting CEO of TBMC.

“Entering this important market alongside TBMC, we see a tremendous opportunity to reshape the future of biomanufacturing,” said Patrick Y. Yang, PhD, Vice Chairman, Resilience. “By harnessing the synergies between Resilience’s technology platforms and Taiwan’s expertise in manufacturing and engineering, we aim to set new standards in the industry. Together, we’re laying the foundation for a more resilient and innovative future for healthcare worldwide.”

The partnership between Resilience and TBMC represents a significant milestone in the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) industry underscoring the commitment of both organizations to drive innovation in biomanufacturing, meet the growing demand for complex medicines and deliver life-changing therapies to patients worldwide.

About Resilience

Resilience is a technology-focused biomanufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines. Founded in 2020, the company is building a sustainable network of high-tech, end-to-end manufacturing solutions to ensure the treatments of today and tomorrow can be made quickly, safely, and at scale. By continuously advancing the science of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and development, Resilience seeks to free its partners to focus on the discoveries that improve patients’ lives and protect biopharmaceutical supply chains against future disruptions. 

About Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation

Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation is a joint venture between the Taiwan government and National Resilience, Inc. TBMC is focused on leveraging Taiwan’s expertise in smart manufacturing and digital technology to develop state-of-the-art biomanufacturing solutions for complex medicines, including biologics, vaccines, nucleic acids, cell therapy, and gene therapy. 

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