March 11, 2024 |Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. David Chang Appointed as CEO of Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation (TBMC)

Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation (TBMC), a trailblazer in the biomanufacturing industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. David Chang as its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Chang, a distinguished figure in the biopharmaceutical field, brings an impressive repertoire of expertise in biologics, cell and gene therapy, and a proven track record in biopharmaceutical technical development, manufacturing operations, engineering, and strategic leadership. 

Dr. Chang’s professional journey is marked by significant leadership roles in some of the most respected organizations in the industry. Before his new role at TBMC, he served as the President and CEO of WuXi Advanced Therapies, a global leader in cell and gene therapy CDMO. His tenure at Celgene, a Bristol Myers Squibb company, saw him overseeing the CAR-T manufacturing network and global manufacturing sciences and technologies teams as Corporate Vice President and Head of Cell Therapy Global Manufacturing. Additionally, Dr. Chang contributed his expertise as the Global Head of Technical Operations Engineering and Strategy at Roche, Switzerland.

Dr. Chang’s early career included pivotal roles at Genentech as Senior Director of Global Manufacturing Science & Technology and Director of Process Development. He also made significant contributions to Biogen Idec as the Director of Cell Culture R&D and to BASF Bioresearch as a Cell Culture Group Leader. His academic credentials include a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from National Taiwan University and a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Chang’s leadership comes at a crucial time when the biomanufacturing industry is grappling with the development and scaling up the production of complex, future-oriented medicines. “TBMC stands at the cutting edge of biomanufacturing, aiming to bridge the gap between the rapid advancements in medicine and the current pace of biomanufacturing,” said Dr. Chang. “I am excited to steer TBMC towards innovative solutions that will transform the production and accessibility of complex medicines globally.”

TBMC, a joint venture between Taiwan and National Resilience Inc., draws inspiration from the successful establishment of TSMC by combining the strengths of Resilience and Taiwan’s smart manufacturing prowess to create advanced biomanufacturing solutions. This partnership is poised to harness Taiwan’s leadership in digital manufacturing and the abundant life science talents, propelling TBMC to the forefront of the biomanufacturing industry.

The establishment of TBMC signifies a groundbreaking advancement in the CDMO sector, marking a new era in biomanufacturing innovation. With Dr. Chang at the helm, TBMC is set to redefine industry standards, enhancing the development and delivery of complex medicines to meet global healthcare needs.

About Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation (TBMC)

Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation (TBMC) is a pioneering CDMO focusing on advancing biomanufacturing innovations. Combining the expertise of National Resilience Inc. and Taiwan’s smart manufacturing capabilities, TBMC is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art solutions for the production of complex medicines, contributing to the global biopharmaceutical industry’s growth and evolution.

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